A showcase of our Gas Fires

We supply and fit a large range of gas fires, gas stoves, baskets and burners that suit your preferred style of fireplace. We only deal with leading gas fire manufacturers ensuring the quality of the products we sell. Because we value these relationships we are able to pass on industry leading discounts to you. In the following pages you will find fires from Dru, Gazco, Legend, as well as others. These represent a small portion of the gas fires we can get for you.

No Chimney? No problem! There are now a huge range of gas fires that can be housed nearly anywhere in the home. These fires are called balanced flue fires and are the latest innovation in the gas market and with our full installation service available you are only a visit to our showroom away from a satisfying gas fire.

Dru Circo Gas Stove
Circo by Dru
Balanced Flue Gas Stove

Beaumont Gas Stove By Chesney’s
Gas Stove
Global 55xt by Dru
Conventional Flue Gas Fire
Global 70xt by Dru
Balanced Flue Gas Fire
Logic HE (Winchester)
Logic HE by Gazco
Gas Fire Conventional or Balanced Flue with polished Winchester complete front
Logic HE by Gazco
Polished Arts Front and polished stainless steel Box Profile frame
Maestro 75
Maestro 75 by Dru
Balanced Flue Eco Wave Gas Fire with Smart App Controls
Maestro 80-3
Maestro 80 by Dru
Three sided Balanced Flue Gas Fire Eco Wave with Smart App Controls
Metro 150xt by Dru
Balanced Flue Gas Stove
Riva2 1050 Edge
Riva2 1050 Edge by Gazco
With Black Reed Lining
Riva2-500 - Icon-XS
Riva2 500 Icon XS by Gazco
With Vermiculite Lining
Studio-2-Duplex (Bauhaus)
Studio 2 Duplex by Gazco
Gas Fire with Vermiculite Lining and Bauhaus frame

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