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Additional information on our range cookers, our range manufacturers and what to consider when choosing a range cooker.

Our Range Cookers

  • Based in the heart of Ayrshire in Scotland, The Country Corner's range cooker selection offers a great choice of quality, authentic and original products from the leading manufacturers Esse and AGA Rayburn.

    Our selection of range cookers give you a great choice of fuel types including, wood burning range cookers, multi fuel range cookers, flueless gas range cookers, flued gas range cookers, oil range cookers and electric range cookers. There is also the choice of using your range cooker purely for cooking or you can use it to heat water and centrally heat your home. Our range cookers are available in your choice of colour finish, so they are a versitile cooking and heating source as well as an attractive addition to any kitchen. Making it truly the heart of any home.

Esse Range Cookers

    Esse have been making range cookers since 1854 and they take pride in maintaining the time honoured process of designing, enamelling and hand building their range cookers whilst embracing new technology to ensure their products remain economical and efficient.

    Esse's range of cookers are available in four fuel types, carbon neutral wood fired, electric, gas either flue less or conventionally flued and oil pressure. Their range cookers can power your central heating system and provide domestic hot water when you choose one of their optional boiler models.

AGA Rayburn

  • The AGA Rayburn brand was first launched in 1946 and since then has grown to become a well loved household name. AGA Rayburn is famous for its quality and longevity, so you can be assured that your range cooker will continue to perform year after year.

  • An AGA Rayburn is a beautiful, controllable cast iron range cooker which gives you the choice of what type of fuel you want to use, either wood burning or multi fuel and whether you want a full central heating appliance - with or without hot water - or a cooker-only model.


Choosing a Range Cooker

  • There are many things to consider when choosing a range cooker:

    How is my new range cooker going to fit in my kitchen?

    Range cookers are freestanding appliances which means that they are designed to be placed on their own or between cabinets. Range cookers are a lot larger than regular cookers. They can be anywhere between 90 and 122 cm wide which is twice the width of a standard unit (60 cm). When placing any appliance you should always double check that the space is deep enough for it to fit because although most appliances come in a set width and height the depth can vary.

    The most important considerations when choosing where to put a range is making sure it can reach its fuel source (eg Gas, Electricity) and has access for a flue if required.
    What type of fuel source do I want for my range cooker?

  • There is a choice of fuel sources for a range cooker including, wood burning or multi fuel, oil, gas and electric.

    Wood burning models - Simple and ruggedly reliable. They are corbon neutral
  • Oil Atomising (or ‘pressure jet’) Models - Offer outstanding levels of control. Heat up times from cold are spectacularly fast, so their thermostatically controlled ovens can be conveniently turned on and off as required.
  • Gas Models - Offer all the benefits of oil atomising cookers with the added convenience of natural gas (also available for LPG).
  • Electric Models - Provide the perfect blend of authentic range cooking and modern convenience. The ovens offer totally independent operation and the degree of temperature control you would expect from an ultra modern cooker.
    Do I want my range cooker to heat water and provide central heating in addition to being used for cooking?

    All of our range cookers are renowned for their cooking ability but many models can also provide your with the option of heating water and/or providing central heating for your home.