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Additional information on our stove collection, our stove manufacturers and what to consider when choosing a wood burning or multi fuel stove.

Our AGA Stoves
Our AGA Stoves
Our AGA Stoves


Our Stove Collection

  • Based in the heart of Ayrshire in Scotland, The Country Corner's stove collection features both contemporary and traditional style stoves from the leading manufacturers AGA and Esse.

    Whether you want a wood burning stove or multi fuel stove, we have a variety of sizes and heat outputs to choose from. Many of the stoves also have the option to be used to centrally heat your home, making them both attractive and practical.

AGA Stoves

  • The timeless appeal of a cast iron stove is hard to beat and our selection of AGA stoves are as beautiful as they are practical.

    Every model uses the latest clean-burn technology to maximise the efficient use of energy and minimise the effect on the environment, and each of the stoves in the range is available as a wood burning or solid fuel stove.

Esse Stoves

  • ESSE stoves are warming homes all over the world from Alaska to New
    Zealand. Every ESSE stove can trace its ancestry all the way back to 1854 and they still represent the very best in stove design and capability.

  • Our range of Esse stoves include both wood burning and multi fuel stoves in a wide range of sizes and heat outputs. Esse wood burners are highly efficient (up to 80%) and are fitted with Afterburn airwash technology for clear door glass and exceptional burn rate control.

Choosing a Stove

  • There are many things to consider when choosing a stove:

    What do you want the stove for?

    Secondary Heating - Many people choose to have a stove as a source of secondary heating in a room to provide a cosy feel and a decorative feature. In this case, the look of the stove will be very important. You will want to consider whether you want a traditional or contemporary style stove and perhaps one with a large view of the flames. In general the heat output of the stove is not as important as it is not required to heat the whole room.

    Lower Fuel Costs - Rising fuel prices are making many people consider heating their whole house with wood using a stove with a backboiler. One of the main considerations here will be what sort of output the stove has and whether it has the capability to heat the room it is in. Information on the heat output of each stove in our collection can be found in the specifications section for each stove.
    What sort of look do you want?

    You may want a stove which is rectangular and fairly low; a contemporary and tall stove with a very large window; or a stove that is somewhere in between. The wide range of stove styles in our collection means that we have a stove to suit any style or look you require.
    What is the difference between a multifuel stove and a wood burning stove?

    A multi fuel stove has a grate which means you can burn coal or wood. A dedicated wood burning stove will generally not have a grate because wood burns best on a bed of ash. A dedicated woodburner will generally burn wood more efficiently than a multifuel stove but a multi fuel stove gives you the convenience and flexibility to be able to burn either wood or solid fuels such as coal. Most of the stoves in our collection are available in either multi fuel or wood burning fuel types.


Multicoloured Stove Shop

Have your stove personalised by the Multicoloured Stove Shop.

We will carefully unpack the stove of your choice, strip it down, prepare and spray it in your chosen finish. We will then rebuild it, to leave you with a unique product that will be just perfect for your surroundings.

Just to appreciate the difference a little colour in your life can make, why not make a trip to our showroom and be prepared to be dazzled by our range on display.